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and enter undeveloped markets


innovative technology

The basic principle of the intenss foodsteamer, is the controlled injection of steam through a disposable spoon or fork with micro holes. The steam is blown into the product through the disposable.

This secures clean and 100% foodsave cooking. Using the patented disposables, the machine stays clean after each serving.

Using controlled steam through a particular pattern of micro holes makes the steamer up to 3 times faster than a microwave. Read more

new concepts for retail

With the intenss foodsteamer a wide range of favorite meals are now available in a fast serving environment. 

The foodsteamer is designed for steaming single portion soups, pasta, noodles and noodle soups, etc. 

The device can be placed anywhere, even on little space. With the OneTouch function anyone can operate the machine. Reed more

entering new markets 

The intenss foodsteamer offers food producers or fast service chains a unique possibility to open new markets with new product concepts.

From now on, the rapid growth of the fast service markets can be served with all time food favorites like real soup, Asian dishes, pasta and ready-to-steam meals. Read more