Working principle of the food steamer

The strong steam module of the intenss food steamer, produces a regular high-ouput steamflow. This flow is needed to build enough pressure to distriibute the steam through the micro holes in the disposable spoon, fork or mini-mixer. The micro holes are positioned to distribute the steam equally over the product.

This method is extremely fast, because steam has a 4 times higher caloric value as boiling water. Because almost 100% of the total steam output is absorbed by the product, the steamer ia very efficient. The cooking proces is very safe, since the intenss food steamer has an open system with sufficient safety features. 

Controlled by software and programmable for 4 cooking programms, nearly any product can be cooked with the intenss food steamer.

One of the unique features of the food steamer is the very user friendly connector for the disposable steam spoon, fork and mixer. Read more about the benefits