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unexpected makets can be opened


The intenss food steamer is developed for retail chains looking for new concepts. These concepts can be developed with IntensSteam in collaboration with the preferred supplier of the retail organization. In case the client prefers, IntensSteam can can organize sourcing of the required products or producers.

The intenss food steamer is also developed for food producers who intend to develop new markets. Many producers are strong in foodservice or retail products. Often these products are not suitable for fast service, the emerging segment of the out-of-home market. Developing concepts with the food steamer are relevant for the market and the producer. And new market/product devolopments never suffer from cannibalization.


soup market

The food steamer makes it possible to serve ready-to-eat soups in about 30 seconds from 4°C up to 80°C. Soup is a mainstream product and is eaten all over the world (only in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and UK annually about 20 billion cups of soup). From now on, a wide selection of "real" soups can be served in fast service. The new ToGo soup will find its space between the sandwiches, snacks and hot drinks. Consumers prefer ready-to-heat soups. With a huge sales potential for intenss soups, dry soups in fast service are history. Watch video

noodle market

With the food steamer it is possible to prepare fresh noodle soup in about 30 seconds. The sale of noodles and noodle soups are emerging worldwide. Noodles are the new fast service trend and are eaten all over the world (about 300 billion portions and soups). Noodles ToGo will definitely be a future competitor for sandwiches, snacks and soups  Anyone can serve Asian special products in fast service from now on. Watch video


pasta market

With the food steamer it becomes possible to prepare fresh pasta meals in 30 seconds. Frozen pasta will teke about 60 seconds! Even on locations with a relatively low traffic, the food steamer is the missing link to fast serve healthy food. The food steamer is ready to operate within 1 minute (from power off to standby) and stays clean after each serving, using the disposable steam fork with micro holes. Thus products with low turnover can be served and sold efficiently. The slim design requires few space and should fit anywhere. Watch video


ready-to-steam market

Ready-to-steam meals are succesful in food retail, but from now on also available in fast service. Depending on the amount of fresh (uncooked) vegetables, the preparation time with the food steamer will be approx. 60-90 seconds. With the OneTouch fuction anyone can operate the machine. No specific skills are needed to cook in high speed various meals. Serving ready-to-steam meals is the next level in fast service. Watch video

hot chocolate market

With the food steamer its possible to prepare the best hot chocolate of fresh milk and chunks of chocolate. It takes the same time as needed to prepare an espresso. The steam mixes the fresh milk and pieces of chocolate at the right temperature.

Until now, the sale of hot chocolate drinks is dominated by producers of chocolate beverages. With the intense food steamer, a wide selection of branded chocolate drinks can be served in fast service. No special product development is needed, since the chunks from a regular chocolate bar are perfect for the finest hot chocolate. For manufacturers of branded chocolate a perfect way to enter the hot beverage market with their brands. The branded chocolate beverages will find its space between coffee and tea with an enormous sales potential. Watch video


You are food producer and interested in developing one of these markets, click right here